Quickly create templates for any types of questionnaires, forms or reports. Significantly improve quality of operations and enhance the data entry process due to the built-in features of automatic navigation, logical and syntactical control. Fill in the form or questionnaire on-the-go and send it wirelessly to the office immediately after or even during discussion with a customer or interview with a respondent.

Mobile SURE

Nowadays it is hard to find any business sector that would not require input and processing of questionnaires, forms and reports. And lately it also became evident that mobile solutions give incredibly high yields to the investments made in the state-of-the-art technologies.

The Palm SURE mobile system delegates full power of the SURE system to your remote representatives and field staff.

  The impact of this solution on the business development cannot be too strongly emphasized.
 This solution gives you a true mobility. Mobile solution would be too handy for your palm to ever return to the cumbersome paper routine, when preparing and processing your forms and reports.
 Moreover, modern technologies of data transfer will allow your staff to transmit all filled questionnaire, forms and reports remotely without visiting your office. Such a fabulous concept has turned into a real and tangible product, which produces fabulous yields. For example, it allows you to conduct the express population survey in various regions with the results obtained, processed and summarised in a few hours! On the other hand, the required form (e.g., an insurance form) can now be filled in the real time scale during a meeting with a client, whereas your handheld provide simultaneous and automatic check-up of the semantic and logical correctness of the information input. Field representatives will find it easy and quite handy to provide daily reports on their work activities by filling in the results of their visits to clients. When conducting marketing research of particular shops by the order of large-scale companies, you wouldn't bear any costs on mail delivery for the form transfer or recruit any office staff for the input of these questionnaires. Office managers can monitor the work activities of their field staff by their reports, hire occasional workers using procedures that require filling of questionnaires and forms, organise work with visitors for the purposes of social services - and a lot of other options!

  Let us see what exactly can be provided by the Mobile SURE solution:

  Simultaneous improvement of the field staff labour productivity and quality.
 Now the process of filling-in questionnaires and forms would not be postponed, but be conducted during your interview with a client/respondent. It so is convenient to fill in the form constructed in the question-answer mode in the real time scale, when it is still possible to obtain more specific information or correct logical errors!
Moreover, with no desk space required to fill a paper form, the interviewer gets more flexibility and input speed. Mobile SURE supports the same input quality as the office system, thus providing a simultaneous improvement of labour productivity and quality.

  Company income increase due to the time savings in the office data processing.
  The Mobile SURE software allows all the latest versions of templates and questionnaires to be received by Mobile, as well as all filled questionnaires to be transferred to the office in a few seconds. Thus, it is possible to transmit the questionnaires both via modem/land phone lines and via wireless connection. The Internet connection will also allow you to synchronise the data with your office, without bearing the costs of long-distance phone calls.  As one of such simplified solutions of data transfer, you may just insert your Palm device into a desktop synchronisation cradle.

  Mobile staff management.
  The Mobile SURE software is fully administered from the office. Only in the office-installed workplace one can set up the list of users authorised to use the system remotely. Then the system administrator sets the list of templates for questionnaires and forms, which will be accessible for these remote staff users. On the other hand, all filled forms and questionnaires are stored in the office separately for each sender, which makes it possible to check data for each particular remote representative.

  Cost-effective solution. Quick and risk-free return of the investments in technology.
   Handhelds are now available for a price below 100 US dollars. Mobile SURE software can be installed practically on any handhelds from diverse manufacturers. This insures your investments in technology, because you purchase a software solution and do not depend on the hardware producer. PALM handhelds are increasingly used as daily routine organisers (list of contacts, schedules, time-tables, e-mail, etc.) and become an integral part of any business management. Such multipurpose applications minimise one's hardware investments, but an actually drastic cost reduction is achieved when you install the Mobile SURE software: questionnaires are simultaneously filled in, entered into mobile, checked, and remotely synchronised.
 In this case, service quality improves especially because you concentrate all the functionality of Desktop SURE in a pocket-sized handheld device - thus, all questionnaires are entered easily and conveniently with automatic navigating provided, as well as a check-up of the input semantic and logical correctness. See Desktop/Notebook Sure.
 All base functionality of the "large" system oriented on the questionnaire input is fully supported by a "small" handheld.
 Finally, field staff would require no more than one introductory lecture to start using this system. The latter is achieved by a smart Touch Screen interface designed for common users, instead of "computer wizards". The user can see and use all capabilities presented on the PALM screen, and the software smoothly "walks the user through menu" from one function to the other.

Distinctive features of Mobile SURE are:
  • Data input speed, simplicity and convenience in operation
    • Fast and convenient, user-interface assisted questionnaire input during a meeting with a client or interview with a respondent.
  • A really mobile solution, which is always at your fingertips.
  • Integration with the office system (mobile integration, as well):
    • Transfer of questionnaire templates, which are generated using the software office version, to handheld devices.
    • Transfer of the filled forms and questionnaires to the office system by way of using the desktop synchronisation cradle, through modem/phone landline, via GSM/GPRS, through Wireless Networks, or the Internet network.
    • Automatic synchronisation of the reference qualifiers from the central system.
  • Intelligent control of data input.
    • Syntactical control of data input, check-up of allowed data intervals, application of special attributes, such as "repeated data entry", "copying", "mandatory input". A possibility to set the key fields and automatic key fields.
    • Support of the logical rules for the analysis of the questionnaire characteristics and their interrelation.
    • Support of automatic navigating through each questionnaire.
    • Possibility of separate storage for the subsequent analysis of logically correct and logically incorrect questionnaires.
  • Scalability and storage security.
  • Possibility of using the system within the framework of the enterprise structure - organisation of remote workplaces and departments by usage of import /export functions.
  • Support of the system administration, set-up of the list of users, their passwords and access rights. Assignment of specific lists of templates of forms or questionnaires for particular mobile users at the discretion of the system administrator.    


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