Quickly create templates for any types of questionnaires, forms or reports. Significantly improve quality of operations and enhance the data entry process due to the built-in features of automatic navigation, logical and syntactical control. Fill in the form or questionnaire on-the-go and send it wirelessly to the office immediately after or even during discussion with a customer or interview with a respondent.

DesktopPC/Notebook SURE

   DigSee SURE is an automation tool for the processes of input, editing and search of the sociological questionnaires.

  The basic operations provided by the system are:
  • Creation of the questionnaire template.
  • Input and careful check-up of all elements of the questionnaire.
  • The task of navigating under the questionnaire.
  • The task of the rules of a control of certainty of the input information.
  • Input and editing of the array of the questionnaire on desktop/portable PC remote workplaces.
  • Review and check-up of the information.
  • Export of the array of the questionnaire to external formats for further statistical processing

      Implementation of DigSee SURE resolves the following problems:

      Possibility to create questionnaires and forms "on the fly".
      Now the problems of developing a new questionnaire and its formalisation for further input are reduced to a one-stage task. The process of questionnaire formalisation passes naturally simply and visually. It is not necessary anymore to keep numerous paper versions of your questionnaire. SURE allows to you keep several descriptions of different forms and questionnaires, speedily create new questionnaire based on your previous elaborations, just by copying and editing of a template available. It is very simple to set parameters of questions, such as mandatory or optional, request for repeated entry, "user hint" option by way of previous questionnaire entry. It is possible to set intervals.
    All popular types of questions are supported, such as:
      input of numbers
      yes /no
      yes /no/I don't know
      alternative option (one option from the list)
      sample (it is possible to select many options from the list)
      a choice from the qualifier (for example, mail index)

      In a questionnaire, it is possible to set questions that require a unique answer - the so-called key. To set an automatic key is also possible. For each question it is possible to enter the user's text -comments.

      For the whole questionnaire, you can set navigating - automatic transition from question to question through the questionnaire depending on the answer of the respondent. Also there is a possibility to set logical rules for the questionnaire, which would allow you to provide additional check-up of the data during their input.

      SURE improves the efficiency of staff operation at questionnaire input with simultaneous quality improvement.
      This is achieved due to:
      optimisation of the input process for both keyboard only and keyboard + mouse options
      syntactical control of questionnaires on input (request of an answer / possibility of no response/check allowed intervals)
      "smart" control of questionnaires during their input due to usage of special logical rules (questionnaire, which have been entered by operator without errors, but contained logic errors. For example, the respondent gives contradictory answers on two semantically identical characteristics).
      significant reduction of the amount of input information due to the automatic navigating through the questionnaire (transitions to other questions depending on the answer of the respondent)
      usage of special characteristics for particular types of questions allows one to avoid mistakes. It is possible to set a request for a repeated input of the critical information, for example, number of one's social insurance card. It is possible to set that by default operator be offered the corresponding data from a previous questionnaire. For example, field "operator name" will be proposed by default for all questionnaires after the first one is completed, which would allow to minimise time and reduce the number of mistakes.

      Business expansion with simultaneous cost reduction.
      Due to the time savings in the development of questionnaires, software formalising, and, what is most important, due to speedy acquisition of adequate and correct information, you can expand your business without any additional costs.

      Better competitiveness of your business and services.
      Usage of DigSee SURE solution allows you to define the bottlenecks in your company business-processes "on the fly" due to acquisition of the results of interviews and questionnaires obtained from your employees and clients.

      Quality improvement of estimations and predictions.
      If the primary data are wrong, it is very difficult to improve the quality of estimations. Sometimes it is practically impossible. Usage of the DigSee SURE system will allow you to control the information at once at the moment of its input. Moreover, usage of navigating and syntactical control makes it possible to reduce the number of operator errors practically to zero.
      The available powerful tool of logical control of the answers allows you to analyse the questionnaire "validity" and "integrity". There is a possibility to "catch" questionnaires, which are entered without operator's errors, but still contain logic errors. For example, the respondent contradicts himself/herself on two semantically identical characteristics. Here operator has a possibility to save such logically incorrect questionnaire for its further analysis by managers and analysts.

      Safety of information critical for your company. Separation of different business-processes.
     DigSee SURE has a built-in security system. The base of the data storage in the SURE system is the SQL database, which provides integrated data storage and guarantees that your information remains confidential. The users of your system will have different access rights. The rights are set by the system administrator.
    For each user it is possible to set his(her) login and password, to set or cancel the following rights:
      to view already entered questionnaires
      to enter new questionnaires
      to edit questionnaires
      to create/edit questionnaire templates.

      Find a breakthrough for a sharp increase of profits by zero risk investment in the latest technologies.

      Amazingly cost-effective solution DigSee SURE is distributed in a form completely ready-to-use and out-of-the-box.

      In less than one hour, the solution is installed on your computers. Moreover, as our solutions are verified by time, we are ready to install for you completely serviceable solution for a test period without any payment required for the test period.

      The Desktop/Notebook solutions require no additional office equipment. The solution can be installed on any desktop computer with any of the most popular operating systems from the company Microsoft: Windows 98/NT/2000/ME/XP.

      DigSee SURE gives you a unique possibility to improve the profitability of your enterprise without bearing any financial risks.

      Support of your business extension and distributed structure.
      Depending on the particular business requirements, the system can be easily be extended.
      It is possible to start from one workplace.
      Using the import/export capabilities, it is possible to organise a multiuser work of remote workplaces/departments. In this case, exchange of templates/questionnaires can be provided by the use of floppy disks, CDs, e-mail and other methods.
      In the case of increase in the number of users at your office, it is possible to organise collective operation: to process questionnaires in a local network or Intranet network of the company with a dedicated server, where all the required information will be stored (see Network SURE).
      But the most productive and effective extension of the system is, in our view, its support of a true mobility! The company DigSee has completed development of mobile SURE, which is easily integrated with the office solution.
      This version of the software is executed on compact and cost-effective handhelds, which are much cheaper than desktop computers, can be carried in a shirt pocket and allow your field staff to fill in questionnaire and forms in-situ. Moreover, your remote representatives obtain the possibility to receive the updated forms, as well as to transmit their filled questionnaires to the office remotely: through a modem, or using GSM/GPRS connection, or even via the Internet network. See Mobile SURE .

DigSee SURE has the following distinctive features:

  • high speed of data preparation, input and processing:
    • fast and handy preparation of templates;
    • information input is speedy and ergonomic, both from keyboard and with the help of the keyboard and mouse;
    • fast and simple converting into external formats;
  • flexibility:
    • possibility of template creation for any types of questionnaire;
    • the information scope is limited only by the computing system resources;
  • simplicity and convenience in operation:
    • operation in the Microsoft Windows environment;
    • navigating means for fast access to any questionnaire within one questionnaire array or by any characteristic within one questionnaire;
    • subdivision of questionnaires into different arrays depending on the level of the questionnaire correctness;
  • intelligent processing:
    • support of the logical rules of questionnaire analysis by characteristics and their interaction;
    • support of automatic navigating through each questionnaire;
    • possibility of separate editing and review of logically correct and logically incorrect questionnaires;
  • scalability and safety:
    • possibility of using the system in structure of the enterprise - organisation of remote workplaces and departments due to the import/export capabilities;
    • support of the system administration, set-up of the users' list, logins, passwords and access rights;
    • possibility of the system extension due to usage of network workplaces, which would operate with the uniform database in a local network of the enterprise or in Intranet network;
    • system extension option by remote support of the field staff: application of the Palm SURE system for cost-effective handhelds. 
  •  SURE makes possible creation of templates and data input for any forms and questionnaires. The information scope (number of questionnaires) is limited only by the available resources of one's PC.
      SURE provides convenient tools for data editing and takes advantages of powerful navigating through the questionnaire arrays.
      SURE is equipped with means of a syntactical and logical control of questionnaires.
      SURE allows simultaneous questionnaire input by several operators.
      SUREprovides a possibility of questionnaire export into SPSS, Microsoft Access, and Microsoft Excel.
      SURE operates in the unified Microsoft Windows environment.

      SURE functions related to operation with templates.
      For operation with a questionnaire it is necessary, first of all, to describe its structure, i.e. to create a template of the given questionnaire. For operation with questionnaire templates, the software has a special mode, which is described in more detail in chapter "User's guide".
      The main functions related to operation with templates are: creation, editing, export and import.
     For creation or editing of a template, the respective questionnaire characteristic (question type) is set, as well as a block of parameters of the given characteristic, depending on a type of the answer to the given question.

      The following types of characteristics are supported:
    • Radio
    • Check
    • Yes/No
    • Yes/No/I don't know
    • Any number
    • Integer number
    • Text
    • Classifier

      Depending on a type of the characteristic, such parameters as "Other options", "Comments", "Navigating" and "Key field" can be set.
      For all characteristics, "No Response" parameter can be selected.

        SURE functions related to operation with questionnaires.
    The main functions related to operation with questionnaires are:

    • Input and editing of questionnaires.
    • Viewing information of questionnaires and their characteristics without a possibility of editing.
    • Information retrieval; for example, a possibility to find a questionnaire by the household number.
    • Convenient navigating through questionnaires and characteristics. Transition ("skip") patterns for the particular questionnaires and characteristics are stipulated.
    • Support of automatic navigating through a questionnaire depending on the answer of the respondent. For example, if the person answered some questions positively, he/she should proceed to other block of questions, and thus part of questions should be skipped by the interviewer. The program in this case immediately passes to the appropriate block. In the field of the skipped problems, "No Response" is written down automatically.
    • Control of data input: the software would not allow one to enter a wrong answer code for any particular characteristic.
    • Logical control of the information. For example, the person contradicts himself/herself on two semantically identical characteristics. In this case, before termination of input of the questionnaire or characteristics the respective warning will be given that a logic error is detected. Thus, the operator gets a possibility to verify the questionnaire, to return to its editing or to place this questionnaire into the array of the logically ill-conditioned questionnaires for the subsequent analysis.
    • Possibility of data export into the SPSS software package, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft Access.
    • Possibility to keep separately the following information arrays:
      • questionnaires, which are logically correct and contain no operators' errors;
      • questionnaires that have been entered with no errors by operators, but contain logic errors (for example, the respondent contradicts himself/herself on two semantically identical characteristics). These questionnaires are intended for the subsequent analysis and possible amending by economists and analysts.
    • Automatic transfer of questionnaire with corrected errors into the category of correct questionnaires after the editing/correction process is completed.

    More detail on the system operation with questionnaires is given in chapter "User's guide".

      Functions related to the system administration.
    • Set-up of the users' list
    • Set-up of a user's login name and password.
    • Management of the rights of the system users
    • Set-up of the system mobile users (see Mobile Sure.)
    • Set-up of network workplaces (see Network SURE).

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