Quickly create templates for any types of questionnaires, forms or reports. Significantly improve quality of operations and enhance the data entry process due to the built-in features of automatic navigation, logical and syntactical control. Fill in the form or questionnaire on-the-go and send it wirelessly to the office immediately after or even during discussion with a customer or interview with a respondent.


  What would be the most effective way to combine the expansion of your business with the advantages of mobile transfer and entry of your reports and questionnaires, with a capability to support remotely your client/staff in the field, and provision of errorfree entry of large arrays of questionnaires and forms?

  Just find an efficient and cost-effective solution to the above tasks - DigSee SURE.

  Let's adjust your input conditions and clarify the respective outputs. Suppose your activity involves any of the following directions:
  survey process or questionnaire design
  elaboration of questionnaires, forms or reports
  conduction of marketing programs
  research of trade turnover
  sociological research
  monitoring of mobile staff activity
  expansion of your activity to other regions
  Then application of DigSee SURE would guarantee the improvement of your business management and expand your business horizons. In general, it will allow to outbid your competitors due to more refined and sophisticated operation with sociological information, and will also allow you to enter the information in-situ, where it is most effective, e.g., during your interview with a client / respondent.
This mobile solution is compact enough to be placed in a shirt pocket. Therefore, the solution allows one to enter any reports and forms outside of one's office. This solution is economically justified. Moreover, it is designed for operation not only by computer wizards, but would satisfy needs and skills of common users.

 DigSee SURE consists of several components, which make it possible to elaborate the questionnaire structure and scope, to enter, search, check correctness, transfer and export the questionnaire arrays. The system delivery includes only a comprehensive set of modules, which are required and ordered by the particular customer.

  What particular problems can by solved by DigSee SURE?

  At your office: It allows you to create/edit templates for any questionnaire or form.
  Using this system, in contrast to other professional and expensive software packages, you can achieve these goals very conveniently, simply and fast. The system is specially designed and targeted for solving very definite and particular tasks - therefore, it is made to be understandable, simple and effective. KISS principle (Keep It Simple and Stupid) was used by the developers as a non plus ultra requirement.
 Thus, in the form and questionnaire it is possible to set special rules, which would not allow particular input errors. For the questions in a questionnaire you can set a control of intervals (syntactical control); define mandatory or optional questions; set a "smart" navigation through the questionnaire depending on the answers of the respondent; formulate logical rules, which will allow you directly after input to find discrepancies in the filled form or identify "lapses of logic" in the answers of respondents.

  At your office: Effective input of questionnaires, forms and reports using desktop/notebook.
  In most software packages designed for the input of questionnaire, an attempt is made to present a computer image of a "paper questionnaire ". Data entry in such a form becomes quite cumbersome. Therefore, an alternative "question - answer" approach is proposed, which is more natural for operator perception. Questions are sequentially displayed to the operator, and he/she enters the respective answers. Upon each entry, each answer is checked for errors: for example, the year of birth cannot be less than 1900 and more than 2002. As another example, person's surname should be entered as obligatory, while his/her hobbies are optional and can be omitted. In case the transition from question to question is preset in the questionnaire, depending on the answer of the respondent, this would be executed automatically. For example, answer "There are no goods displayed in your show-window" would result in omitting questions "How much goods are displayed in the show-window?" or "Are all of them visible to the customers?" Upon tracing the errors, the system draws attention of the operator to these both by displaying the respective message and by beep sound. When the end of the questionnaire is reached, the questionnaire will be analysed using special logical rules, and, in cases of error or a non-standard answer, the attention of the operator will be drawn. Here, options could be set either to edit such a questionnaire immediately or to postpone its analysis until later - within the identified group of "questionnaires containing errors".
  Important feature of the program is the optimisation of keyboard input of questionnaires. This feature significantly speeds up the input process for large scope of questionnaires. On the other hand, the system also has the option of mouse-supported input of questionnaires and forms.

  SURE network version - for multiuser input of questionnaires on many workplaces in a local or Intranet networks.
 DigSee SURE can operate either by the principle "one computer - one workplace - one data repository", or by the principle "many workplaces - many computers - one data repository".
 The network version of the software allows several operators to work simultaneously with a uniform repository. This technology is based on the client - server technology, while SQL Server is used as a reliable data repository.

  Organise input of questionnaires and forms on remote workplaces/remote departments.
 Due to subsystems of import / export of templates and questionnaire arrays, it is possible to organise distributed input of questionnaires, forms and reports in remote departments using workstations and notebooks without network capabilities. As for the data exchange, the required files may be transferred using floppy disks, CDs, e-mail, etc.

  Mobile users get a possibility to receive templates of questionnaires on PALM handheld both in the office and remotely - in the field.
 A possibility to fill in the required form during your meeting with a client (interview with a respondent) - what can be more lucrative? PALM SURE - is simple in usage, cost-effective and effective. The user interface, that "walks the user through" screen by screen and requires no special training or computer skills from its users, has been developed on the base of our long-term experience.
 Thus, it is possible to transfer data either in the office using a simple technology where the user places a handheld into a special "cradle", or remotely - via modem, mobile GSM/GPRS connection or even Internet network!

  Storage/Search/Editing of questionnaires. Export for further analysis.
 At central office, the DigSee SURE system allows effectively to find /view /organise a storage of the arrays of the questionnaire. Thus, the system allows to export/compile arrays of questionnaires, to search for the questionnaire, to switch fast to the required questionnaire or question. Managers can analyse the questionnaires marked as incorrect to define any illogicality in them.
 For further analysis, it is possible to speedily export files into a common .csv format (it is supported by the majority of statistical packages) or directly into Microsoft Excel.

You can see more detailed information on how you can broaden horizons of your business at:
DesktopPC/Notebook SURE
Network SURE

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